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Stream: Danny Brown, “Change”

Danny Brown cooly reflects on new success and old friends on “Change,” the bongo-backed track from Danny Johnson, an album made in collaboration with Johnson & Jonson (rapper Blu and producer Mainframe, who worked with … read more »

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Download Gonjasufi’s The Ninth Inning EP

When we look back at Gonjasufi’s career, it’s hard to tell exactly what his legacy will be. Will it be weeded, wheezing singing? Or will it be the ominous mutter-raps that pop up occasionally? Probably … read more »

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Stream: Blu’s NoYork LP

Ever since his and producer Exile’s Below The Heavens made him a boom bap nerd’s darling way back in 2007, Los Angeles rapper Blu has eschewed any and every expectation placed on his head. Instead … read more »

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Video: Blu, "Amnesia"

This is just classic, a perfect movie-spliced video for this swank little jawn. According to NahRight this is official and just didn’t get widely distributed. We would probably live in this song if it made … read more »

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Tanya Morgan's Feeling Blu

We’re moving to Brooklynati. read more »

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Freeload: Flying Lotus ft. Blu, “GNG BNG Remix”

Flying Lotus covered the New Soul edition of our digital supplement F2 last year, and we have been jamming his Los Angeles EP since then whenever we smo… thought about stuff. It’s difficult to pull … read more »

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Freeload: Blu, HerFavoriteColo(u)r. Mixtape

If you follow LA rapper Blu like we do, you know he’s prone to post up new songs on MySpace as frequently as we post up at Papaya Dog on 7th Ave (daily). Finally, he’s … read more »

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Freeload: Johnson & Jonson, “Up All Night”

Johnson & Jonson is our boy Blu from LA and producer Mainframe, and their new self-titled album coming out September 23rd on Tres Records has actually “been out” for almost a year as the leaked … read more »

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Video: C.R.A.C., “Buy Me Lunch”

It’s funny how sometimes you listen to a song you love and envision what the video for that song might look like, and then the video comes out and it’s a total piece of crap … read more »

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Freeload: Blu, “Departing Flights” + “Up All Nite”

If Blu keeps rapping this focused-ly over semi-weird psych-rap productions, we might have to cut up our last remaining copy of Electric Circus. SIKE WE ALREADY DID. Just kidding. But this kid is good and … read more »

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