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NYC: Black Dice, Blues Control, McDonalds + DJ Avey Tare Saturday Night

This will be fun.

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Freak Scene #49: The Year End Edition

In this week’s Freak Scene, Jamie Johns discusses the year’s best singles, full lengths, cassettes and shows. Somehow it includes no mention of the band Emeralds. Check her writeup after the jump!

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Freak Scene #43: Blues Control and Stunned Records

This week’s Freak Scene: Back to school with Blues Control and Stunned Records.

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RCRD LBL Freeload: Blues Control, “Tenku You”

In the past 365 days, both Hot Chip and Animal Collective embarked on ridiculously huge megatours, and both groups picked openers that could potentially alienate the shit out of huge swaths of their respective audiences. … read more »

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