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Dirty Projectors, “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (Bob Dylan Cover)” MP3

As part of the Levi’s® Pioneer Series, which has bands covering influential artists, Dirty Projectors are covering Boby Dylan’s “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine,” from his John Wesley Harding album. We would have guessed … read more »

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Dirty Projectors Cover Dylan. It Rules.

On the flight home from Texas yesterday, I watched FC Barcelona rough up Real Zaragoza. Lionel Messi was at his most breathtaking, bringing the English half of the commentary team to wax rhapsodic so forcefully … read more »

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The Pope's List Of Musical Influences Just Might Be Cooler Than Your Band's

We’ve always gone with the assumption that our moms were right and the world pretty much works the way Oprah works. So we figure this is basically like The Beatles and Oasis getting ole Benedict’s … read more »

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Obama Pwn3s Congress with Well-Timed Bob Dylan Concert

Barack, you need to stop making fun of the people we elected all the time because they are going to start thinking that you think that their job is to do what’s good for the … read more »

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Tripwire Video Premiere: Dylan Goes Electric!!!

Holy crap he put down the acoustic guitar! Music is changed forever!

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Crystal Antlers, “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” MP3

Crystal Antlers are known mainly for repeatedly smacking people around in a musical whirlwind of ragged-voiced yelps and guitar fury rather than easing them into lovelorn peace, so this cover of Bob Dylan’s “It’s All … read more »

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Hotbox at The Levi's®/FADER Fort: Crystal Antlers

It is NOT all over now. read more »

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Bob Dylan May Soon Voice Your Car's GPS System

You’re going to get lost. read more »

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J.Period & K'NAAN Present…"The Messengers"

J. Period & K’Naan have something special for you! read more »

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Bob Dylan's Christmas Gift For You

Not Phil Spector’s. He’s in jail. read more »

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