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Karen O, Pharrell and Arcade Fire Among 2014 Oscar Nominees

Bright and early this morning Chris Hemsworth (of no relation to Ryan) announced the 2014 Academy Award Nominations. So maybe your favorite movie this year was Lana Del Rey’s 30-minute music video (not nominated, in … read more »

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Video: Angelique Kidjo f. Bono and John Legend, "Move On Up" (Starring the FELA! Dancers)

Right now it’s all eyes on South Africa. Waiting for this weekend’s games to kick off is killing us, add the performances at the opening ceremony to that, and it’s damn near torture. Thanks to … read more »

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Bono, Antony & Courtney Love (?!?!) Team to Fight Aids

Also on tap: Scarlett “Lippity Doo Da” Johannson. read more »

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NYC: (Red)Nights Hits Carnegie Hall

The last time we went to a benefit at Carnegie Hall (what?), they showed a video of a Barbara Walters interview with Hugh Jackman, who cried when talking about singing on the stage while his … read more »

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Spiderman The Musical Update: Bono Disciplined

Evan Rachel Wood says something we only daydream about saying. read more »

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The Forty Sexiest Frontmen In Rock History

In March, the editors over at Nerve posted their picks for the Forty Sexiest Frontwomen in Rock History, and after receiving a bit of flack for their picks, the editors have struck again; only this time (more importantly) with the Forty Sexiest Frontmen in Rock History. read more »

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No Line On The Horizon

Undoubtedly, U2 pioneered new methods in tour and deservingly ascended themselves to God-like status in the music world. However, No Line sits idly by, content to borrow from safe terrain, uninterested in exploring anything new (perhaps it’s just old age?). Though not unbearable, No Line is simply anodyne new music — the least appealing of U2’s venerable career. read more »

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U2 Announce New Studio Album For 2009

Bono finally took some time off from his busy schedule of being the most charitable person alive, and look what happened — U2 are releasing their first studio album in five years, No Line on the Horizon, in March. read more »

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And The Winner Of The Worst Lyrics Of 2008 Is…

We’ve seen some of the worst lyrics lists floating around, but our friends at the Village Voice took it one step further and instituted a NCAA-style bracket system to determine the winner. read more »

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