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All Tomorrow's Parties The Movie

“A kaleidoscopic journey!” read more »

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The Singles Collection – Ancestors, Fresh Meat, Young Widows, Melt Banana

After a brief hiatus last week (we were, as Bill Murray says in Caddyshack, “Unavoidably Detained”) we’re back with a selection of decidedly anti-summer anthems. Now, we’re not anti-summer, far from it, but seems we’ve largely been rotting your teeth out with sugary pop confections for the past few months, so it’s time to get that tinnitus rattling around again, just in time for yr spangly Memorial Day festivities. Onward then, into the murk. read more »

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888Boadrum REVISITED

On Friday night we experienced the second in a series of shows we didn’t know would ever be a series. For the New York installment, Gang Gang Dance led 88 drummers including Panda Bear and … read more »

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Live: Boredoms In New York City

In this 2004 review of an Electrelane concert, Kelefa Sanneh said “More often than not, the pleasure of going to a rock show is the pleasure of demystification. You can watch how the music is … read more »

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