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Download Juelz Santana’s God Will’n Mixtape

Listening to this, it’s hard not to long for the days when Juelz Santana dedicated every word he put to tape to joyfully yelling outlandish shit, and soaking up New York in all its grimy … read more »

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nicky da b

Video: Nicky Da B, “Hot Potato Style”

Nicky Da B came at us so gloriously on Diplo’s “Express Yourself back in March, and now he’s doing it all on his own in the loony, Bob Weisz- and Casey Coleman-directed video for his … read more »

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DJ Ice Mike’s Hour Of Gangsta Power Mix

Earlier this week Ice Mike, the New Orleans DJ and producer behind such vulgar classics as Bust Down’s “Nasty Bitch” and his own “Shitted In Dat Hoe House”, blessed Twitter with this throwback radio mix, … read more »

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Suite903: Lady Led, Community Supported

Two of the best young voices we’ve got, international soul queen Adele and candid funky princess Katy B, went to high school together. There, Adele turned Katy on to soul singers—in interviews, Katy mentions Jill … read more »

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Premiere: Big Freedia, “Let It Go Nah” MP3

Big Freedia has been and all-American Queen Diva for the better part of the last decade, but just released her first EP-proper. Perhaps “Let It Go Nah” is what a bounce-pop crossover sounds like, sampler … read more »

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Video: Big Freedia, “Y’all Get Back Now”

Taking in the world of “Y’all Get Back Now” is like being on adderall at the AMNH Planetarium show, at a Saints game, and inside American Apparels back-stock room all at once! The message is … read more »

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“Black and Yellow” Sounds an Awful Lot Like The Triggerman Beat

If bounce music was a cake, and booty was sugar and emcees were butter, the Triggerman beat sampled from The Showboys song “Drag Rap” would be all-purpose flour. Making sense? Not every bounce record has … read more »

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