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Wiz Khalifa

Browse Photos from Reggae Sumfest 2014: Montego Bay’s Largest Dancehall Party

Last week, we sent a photographer to the warm waters of Jamaica to capture Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay. The six days of nonstop jamming featured artists like Busy Signal, Sean Paul, Jason Derulo, Future, … read more »

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Bounty Killer Attacks Vybz Kartel With “No Cream to Mi Face”

Vybz Kartel, Jamaica’s favorite son, and controversial fan of skin bleaching, gets dissed by a very hard new Bounty Killer song. Vybz was probably hoping he’d put this behind him after participating in a much-publicized … read more »

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tasha rozez

GP 125: Special Guest Selector Tasha Rozez / 2010 in Dub

I wanted to do something special for this first Ghetto Palms of 2011. I’ve been rapping with Tasha “the wickedest lady DJ ‘pon the road” Rozez of Toronto’s Gunz n Rozez soundsystem about doing a … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 119: Bounty Killer / Banana Clipz / Rita Indiana / Natalie Storm / Lionfish

It’s time again for headlines from the Ghetto Archipelago. Read on to find out the latest developments in dancehall, cumbia and other invasive species. Starting from the top of the globe and working down: The … read more »

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Video: Blak Ryno, Flexxx, Chase Cross, Serani, Stein & Bounty Killer, “Sex Appeal Medley”

This is like dancehall batting practice, a buncha heavyweight dudes all practicing their hits on the Sex Appeal riddim—on location at Kingston’s Lucky 38 strip club, of course. But there’s a reason the incredible, regal … read more »

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Video: Vybz Kartel Is Still Angwi

Vybz Kartel telling Bounty Killer what he can and cannot do with his own tongue can only mean one of two things, ultimately. Kartel is extremely concerned with his former mentor and current enemy’s oral … read more »

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Video: Mavado Documentary

Pieces of this have been floating around as part of VP Records’ “Dancehall Draft Picks” video series, but this the full 12-minute mini-doc about Mavado, featuring studio sessions with Busy Signal and Daseca, live footage … read more »

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Freeload: Bounty Killer, “War Bridge” (prod Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor)

Now that “A Millie” has gone gold with shitty versions, we are looking for the next beat that everyone will jump on, a beat we will not get sick of until it reaches the absolute … read more »

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