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Video: Real Estate w/ Bradford Cox, “Mind Games” (John Lennon Cover)

Normally it doesn’t make sense to post a live video unless it was shot in HD, 3D or with those IMAX cameras Christopher Nolan is always mumbling on about. But, it would also be counter-intuitive … read more »

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Tent Posts: Bumbershoot, Day 1

Shout out to all the Bumbershoot moms with rat tails and billowy crew neck festival sweatshirts. Shout out to Bumbershoot for having more food options than music stages. And also shout out to Bumbershoot and … read more »

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Video: Bradford Cox and Spoon Team Up on Jimmy Kimmel

Oh shit! Bradford Cox playing guitar with Spoon on Jimmy Kimmel, lurking in the back. We know they’ve played together before, but it still seems like a weird fit: Spoon are so tightly wound, never … read more »

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Live: Atlas Sound in Brooklyn (“Shelia” + “Walkabout”)

The last time we saw Bradford Cox, he called us alcoholics because we were housing beers from our bathtub and told us to read our own website. After sobering up, we did just that and … read more »

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Bradford Cox Hates Us

We love Bradford Cox. As the FADER staff looks back at the music of their collective early 20s to mid 30s, the music he’s made with Deerhunter and solo, as Atlas Sound, will inevitably stick … read more »

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Another Bradford Cox Release, Another Bonus Disc

Logos Bonus: Try and say real 10 times in a row, FAST. read more »

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A Clam Interrupts Benny The Cox's Nap

That guy’s a dick! read more »

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Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox, “Walkabout” MP3

In FADER #49, Bradford Cox aka Atlas Sound told Black Lips’ Cole Alexander: “It’s not good to be trapped in that same state of mind for your whole life. It’s a sad and difficult thing, … read more »

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Bradford Cox Announces New Atlas Sound Album

Cox on the loose. read more »


Pitchfork Founder Ryan Schreiber Nominated For Time 100

Holy shit. Ryan Schreiber, founder of Pitchfork Media, has been nominated as a finalist for The Time 100 Most Influential People in the World. Alongside Vladimir Putin, Pope Benedict XVI, Robert Mugabe, Barack Obama and Rush Limbaugh sits our very own indie compadre Mr. Schreiber. read more »

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