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Lizzie Owens’ Debut Menswear Collection Highland

Lizzie Owens is best known for costuming the likes of MGMT, Chairlift, and Brandon Flowers from The Killers in truly surreal creations. She seems intent on imagining and outfitting the world in her psychedelic vision: … read more »

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Brandon Flowers Takes Break From Busy Schedule To Continue Being An Idiot

It’s only been a few weeks since The Killers’ Brandon Flowers declared that Kurt Cobain ruined rock’n'roll, but he’s back at it again, and this time Nirvana isn’t the only band in his sights. He’d also like to take this opportunity to talk trash about Led Zeppelin. Because hey, if you can be a famous singer you can at least be a famous douche bag. read more »

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The Killers' Brandon Flowers Disses Kurt Cobain

If speaking ill of the dead is taboo, where do we land on speaking ill of dead legendary rock stars? Brandon Flowers is about to find out, as comments The Killers‘ lead singer made about the grunge movement and its revered leader, Kurt Cobain, were published today and are already making waves across the web. read more »

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The Killers Are Sick Of Each Other

Apparently Brandon Flowers’ growing rage over the misunderstanding of his lyrics has finally taken its toll on The Killers — word in the rumor mill is that the bandmates have had just about enough of each other. read more »