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Britney Spears, “Till the World Ends (Korallreven Remix)” MP3

What’s nice about Swedish duo Korallreven‘s remix of Britney Spears is that they don’t completely fuck up how Britney sounds. They make a cool new beat with interesting drums, but most of all let her … read more »

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Nike7Up’s July Mix MP3

Buried under all that growling and gawky teenage rage, Jonathan Davis of Korn made a lot of kids feel okay about not feeling okay. As adults, that music seems a little less comforting and a … read more »

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Rihanna and Britney Spears Love Fleet Ilya’s Bondage Gear as Much as We Do

At last night’s performance of “S&M” at the Billboard Music Awards, Britney Spears and Rihanna had a partially lip-synced pop culture kinkfest and, appropriately, wore one of FADER’s favorite purveyors of bondage gear, Fleet Ilya. … read more »

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Britney Spears Performed With Nicki Minaj and Rihanna Last Night

Perhaps fearing what would happen if she had to carry an entire performance, Britney Spears piggy backed on gigs by Nicki Minaj (above) and Rihanna (below) last night at the Billboard Music Awards. It worked, … read more »

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Salem Warps Britney Spears For The Strip Club and The Apocalypse

Oh, what we’ve done as a country to Britney Spears, our Bush-era pop dream! First, her mental breakdown on the pages of US Weekly, and now this, a fucked up Salem mix of “Till the … read more »

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It’s Britney and Nicki On Tour, Bitch

Really happy these two monsters are going on tour together, even if Britney is more of a zombie than the ravenous-type creature that Nicki is. Love them both and feel like Nicki could be a … read more »

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Nike7UP’s Twisted World of Pop Music

First time we heard about this our brains more or less exploded and we couldn’t even think about it for like a month after. We’ve since returned and are fully on the Nike7UP train. Basically … read more »

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Britney Covers Alanis

Rips brain to shreds. read more »

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Britney Interrupts Show In Vancouver For Important Drug-Free Message

She’s been a lot of things in her life. She’s been the crazy lady who drove on the freeway with a baby in her lap, the bald-headed woman beating a vehicle with an umbrella, the barefoot chick at the gas station. But one thing Britney has never been? A supporter of drug use. She told her Canadian fans in Vancouver last night that she’s all about hugs, not drugs. read more »

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Britney Spears' Father Threatens To Take Away Her Kids

And now for another dose of the Tripwire goes TMZ-lite. Britney Spears doesn’t bash cars with umbrellas anymore, her hair has grown back, and watching her MTV documentary a few months ago actually made us feel pretty bad for the pop singer. It looked like Spears was back on a stable path with her father taking control of her estate while she got her life back on track, but an unpleasant voicemail to Spears’ lawyer has found its way onto the internet; stating Spears’ father as being threatening to the young songstress. read more »