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Kevin Drew Basically Remixes Himself

Kevin Drew‘s Spirit If… was one of our favorite Broken Social Scene one off projects, mostly because it sounded like Drew was spending equal amounts of time listening to Dinosaur Jr and, like, Rush. AKA … read more »

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Insound’s 10 for 10 Design Series (feat Beach House, Girls & more)

Our FADER Media partners over at Insound just unveiled their brand new 10 x 10 Design Series, which collects limited edition screenprinted posters and T-shirts created by Chicago-based studio Sonnenzimmer and inspired by a selection … read more »

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Video: Broken Social Scene, "Forced To Love"

Fresh off of their Bieber/Tom Cruise/riot police-heavy clip for “Meet Me In The Basement”, Broken Social Scene have dialed back the doomsaying for “Forced To Love”, another Forgiveness Rock Record standout. Directors MAKAPOON trade in … read more »

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There Are Far Worse Things to Film Than A Broken Social Scene Show

And that is precisely what Bruce McDonald’s This Movie Is Broken supposedly does. With actual live clips!. The above trailer does not shed too much light on the plot aside from a concise tagline (“one … read more »


Stream: Broken Social Scene’s Album Forgiveness Rock Record

Like a slightly less prolific, Canadian and indie Grateful Dead, Broken Social Scene continue to truck. Their fourth record, and first in five years, is still a large group effort of a cross section of … read more »

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Listen to Some New Broken Social Scene Songs

Broken Social Scene are not making adventurous music and that is okay. Rock for young dads who own a couple Merzbow records but can’t really listen to them anymore because it might wake up the … read more »

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Hear Two New Broken Social Scene Jams: "All To All" and "Forced To Love"

Both are burners as well as further evidence that Forgiveness Rock Record is an absolute steamroller. That’ll be out May 4 courtesy of Arts&Crafts. Stream/enjoy said jams after the leap.


Metric and Broken Social Scene Go Toe-to-Toe for a Good Cause

It’s not quite a battle of the bands, but you do get to vote on a winner! Metric and Broken Social Scene have each chosen a cause they’re passion about and are competing in the … read more »

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Face-Off for a Good Cause: Metric vs. Broken Social Scene

It’s not a battle of the bands, per se, and you get to vote on the winner: Metric and Broken Social Scene have each chosen a cause they feel strongly about, and are competing in … read more »

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Listen Up: Broken Social Scene's "World Sick"

In the five years that have passed since Broken Social Scene released their last full-length, a lot has gone down. Obamarama. Italy scammed its way to another World Cup final win. Avatar reminded us that … read more »

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