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We're Not the Only Ones Obsessed With Bromst

Yes, we know we might “obsessing” a bit, having already featured “Snookered”, “Red F”, and “Get Older”, compounded by Tripwire Editor Derek Evers’ “blowjob of a review”, but hey, we’re not the only ones. read more »

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Dan Deacon – "Snookered"

“Snookered” is just one more example of Deacon’s ability to transgress genre without ignoring structure or traditional pop hooks. Easily one of the best songs of his young career, this track is another reason why Bromst is a stunning accomplishment. read more »

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We read the quotes about Dan Deacon bringing a darker, more mature aspect to his sound. This might have scared a lot of people, but for a man who has spent much of the last two years on the road, there must have been considerable time to contemplate some pretty weighty subjects. And so we’re left with Bromst; a record that takes the spazz-out party and integrates enough maturity to allow those outside of the warehouses to appreciate what Deacon can produce. To put it quite simply, Bromst is — in this editor’s opinion — the best record of 2009 to date. read more »

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Dan Deacon – "Padding Ghost"

We’re big fans of Dan Deacon here at the Tripwire, so we thought it would be in good taste to give you a preview of his new album, Bromst, due out tomorrow (March 24). In standard Deacon style, “Padding Ghost” follows in the footsteps of Deacon’s organically high-energy, electronic signature sound; leaving your head swelling by the end of the short track. read more »

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Stream Dan Deacon's Bromst In It's Entirety Now

We don’t want to pull an elitist music-blog move and brag about how we’ve been jamming out to Bromst for the last month, but we will just so we can go on the record as saying the new Dan Deacon LP is one of our favorites of 2009. Well, now you don’t have to take our word for it, because the people at NPR have the full album streaming for you to check out. read more »

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Dan Deacon Announces Spring U.S. Tour Dates With Full Live Band

Dan Deacon is taking his show on the road in April in support of his new album, Bromst, out March 24 on Carpark Records, and if you’re lucky enough to be in New York you can get your Deacon fix this week. read more »

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Dan Deacon – "Get Older"

So what if every other blog is posting this track too? We share a love for Mr. Deacon that cannot be denied. read more »

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Dan Deacon Unveils Bromst Cover & Track Listing

As we previously mentioned, Dan Deacon‘s now much anticipated follow-up to Spiderman Of The Rings has a track listing and cover art to accompany it’s name and street date. read more »

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