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Brooklyn Bound: Mac DeMarco Live at Converse Rubber Tracks, “Let My Baby Stay” Video and “Only You” MP3

Between pinball sessions at his favorite laundromat, Mac DeMarco came out to Converse Rubber Tracks to play a short but sweet set to a captivated audience that cozies up all the way to the stage. … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Mac DeMarco is Addicted to Pinball

To kick off a new year of Brooklyn Bound, Mac DeMarco brought us to one of his favorite under-the-radar local hangouts, Sunshine Laundry—a befittingly eccentric laundromat slash pinball palace in Greenpoint. DeMarco is a big … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Charli XCX, “Grins” Live at Converse Rubber Tracks MP3

We spent a gorgeous, yawning Sunday with Charli XCX in Brooklyn earlier this spring—you’ve seen our conversation about touring and movies, and some of her stellar performance at Converse Rubber Tracks. As a parting gift, … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Charli XCX Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

Somewhere between the April release of her excellent True Romance LP, lots of summer festival dates and a major North American tour, kicking off in August, we caught up with Charli XCX in Brooklyn. After … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Interview with Charli XCX

Charli XCX joined us at Videology in Williamsburg for this episode of Brooklyn Bound, to talk about the role of movies in her writing process, ’90s film styling and the importance of a good DVD … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: An Exclusive Download from Pure X’s Rubber Tracks Performance

Austin’s Pure X doesn’t spend much time in New York outside of touring so the band understands the importance of leaving a good impression on a Big Apple audience. The real hard part though, making … read more »


Brooklyn Bound: GrandeMarshall Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

At only 19 years old, GrandeMarshall is one of Philidelphia’s youngest and brightest hopes for the next rapper to break nationally after Meek Mill. Most refreshing is how different the two sound when compared, Mill, … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Interview with GrandeMarshall

GrandeMarshall is a Philadelphia rapper who’s Twitter account currently has a display name of “It’s Pull Up!” The phrase is a reference to “PMS,” a song from his Mugga Man mixtape, released in April, and … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: An Exclusive Download from GZA’s Rubber Tracks Performance

After GZA dedicated a recent afternoon to teaching us about chess, he strapped his Converse up tight to rock the Rubber Tracks stage. With a career spanning some 20-plus years, he had plenty of material … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: GZA Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

The video for the original “Crash Your Crew” from GZA’s 1999 album Beneath The Surface features skateboarders going ham in a skate park while GZA (and Hell Razah) warn of their wrath under the voice … read more »

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