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On The Street: Capsule Edition

We saw this dude working a booth of menswear at this year’s Capsule Tradeshow, a long-haired gentlemen in stripes who looked just as good as any of the clothes on the racks.

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Capsule’s Fall Womenswear Breeze

After a week of New York Fashion Week’s fancy pants runway shows, the young, hustling designers at Capsule’s womenswear trade show were as refreshing as the fall breeze blowing through yesterday’s rooftop presentation. Things are … read more »

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Capsule Trade Show Packs it in

The Capsule Trade Show begins today and that means that menswear lovers from all over the world will be converging on New York City for a couple of days of selvage denim, Ikat print and … read more »

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Naturemocs From German Outdoor Specialists Seil Marschall

There’s usually a summertime embargo on sweat-inducing boots like these, but German-footwear company Seil Marschall make a great case for buying out of season with their Naturemocs. Cast your mind back to the winter of … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Soulland Designer Silas Adler Talks Fall 2010

A couple of months ago, Paris-based designer Silas Adler packed up his closet of fall 2010 samples and headed north to the snowy landscapes of his Danish homeland. Working alongside photographer Nikolaj Holm Moller, they … read more »

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Quoddy for South Willard Debuts Spring Soles

When you’ve already built the perfect blucher like Quoddy has, it could be daunting to know what to design next. The company’s moccasins have been around for about a century, and in menswear, which so … read more »

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Style TV: Capsule NYC Fall 2010

As well as browsing the racks for new new threads, the Capsule tradeshow is the best time to get quality face time with a bunch of designers from all over the globe. In this video, … read more »

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The Capsule Tradeshow NYC: A Pick of the Best

The Capsule Tradeshow in New York was spread over two locations this time around, having outgrown its cozy home on Norfolk Street. This made for twice the fashion and twice the fun, although it did … read more »

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On The Street at Capsule 2009

The Capsule tradeshow in New York is a rare opportunity for the dudes of independent fashion to get their shine on. Contributing style editor Mobolaji Dawodu caught up with some of the most dapper gents … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Mjolk Spring 2010

If you were to take the wardrobe wishlists of every FADER staffer and fuse them together at random, the collective fantasy closet would look something like this: 1. A blinged-out Topshop bodycon dress 2. A … read more »

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