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Casely-Hayford’s Aristocratic Clothing

After years experimenting with the aesthetic of the Afro-Punk and the tougher styles of the London street, father-son design duo Casely-Hayford has been edging out of the city and towards a country estate for the … read more »

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Casely-Hayford’s Toe Strap Boot with John Moore

If you think these look kinky, you should see Casely-Hayford’s previous collaboration with John Moore on a 12-hole shit kicker that wrapped all the way up the shin. No, this time around, the two British … read more »

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CH Day One 2

Casely-Hayford’s Seismic Shift

We love Casely-Hayford for keeping us guessing. Just when we were starting to get a handle on them, just when we felt like we were starting to know their muse intimately, the father and son … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: March 13, 2011 Edition

** Lil B appeared without his Vans on, collaborated with himself and released a new mixtape. ** We announced the full lineup of the 2011 FADER FORT by FIAT in Austin. OMG are you COMING? … read more »

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FEATURE: Casely-Hayford’s Inherited Resistance

Joe Casely-Hayford and his son Charlie share a small two-floor studio in the Shoreditch section of London. The top floor is clean as a whistle, a showroom for their menswear brand, where each season’s clothes … read more »

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Get FADER 72 Digitally from Zinio Right Now

We went to London, California and Trinidad to shoot beautiful photos for our annual Spring Style issue. Now you can see them in glow-lit high def from anywhere you can find 3G. Pick up FADER … read more »

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Four years and seven weeks ago, I was brought forth upon a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon by then FADER senior editor Eric Ducker to discuss my first freelance masterpiece for the magazine. It … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER Issue #72: Wiz Khalifa, James Blake and Casely-Hayford

It wasn’t exactly hard to tell that Wiz Khalifa and James Blake would do big things in 2011, but the level at which that happened exceeded even our—and let’s be real—their wildest dreams. It goes … read more »

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Casely-Hayford’s Shining Spring Light

Leave it to Casely-Hayford to break up the stagnancy of our post-holiday malaise. The London-based duo always has something different to show us, each season a collection of new shapes and new silhouettes that transports … read more »

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Casely-Hayford Explores the Dark Side For Fall 2010

There’s always been a healthy tension between the spiffy tradition embedded in Saville Row culture and the British tendency toward anarchy. Father and son duo Casely-Hayford have created a collection that sits squarely at the … read more »