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World Premiere! The FADER #77 Featuring Future and Cass McCombs

The FADER comes out six times a year, and every single one of those issues is about documenting what’s next. The NOW issue, though, is about looking even further forward. Who is going to soundtrack … read more »

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Cass McCombs: Scorpio Rising

Cass McCombs is riding high on a dark horse. Death is an LA hippie with sandy Jesus hair and an Eagle Rock area code. Usually he makes you wait, but tonight, at the Gaylord Apartments … read more »

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Cass McCombs, “Bradley Manning” MP3

On December 16th Bradley Manning, the soldier who supposedly forwarded secret diplomatic cables to Wikileaks by hiding them in Lady Gaga CDs, will make his first court appearance since his arrest in May 2010. This … read more »

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By The Numbers: Cass McCombs’ Humor Risk

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits and primary colors. This week, we look at Cass McCombs’s Humor Risk, it’s the second album he … read more »

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Video: Cass McCombs, “The Same Thing”

Cass McCombs’ six-plus minute “The Same Thing” is pretty much six-plus minutes of the same thing. A driving rock song, with a gentle, mincing bridge that comes around but twice. At one point, towards the … read more »

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Stream: Cass McCombs, “Robin Egg Blue (Gun Drum Mix)”

Cass McCombs has bestowed us with not one but two, full albums this year. Both are super solid releases, and, like most of McCombs’ records, each has at least two or three songs that worm … read more »

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The Tripwire: On Cass McComb’s Formidable Year

Cass McCombs stated earlier this year that he doesn’t write albums. He simply writes songs, compulsively, and doesn’t look back until he’s made enough to create something. This might be surprising, given the cohesion that … read more »

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Cass McCombs, “The Same Thing” MP3

More than totally dark or dire, Cass McCombs‘ first record this year was slow. Which as a feat of restraint is impressive, like he decided Wit’s End wasn’t ever going to get too worked up, … read more »

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Video: Cass McCombs “County Line”

Cass McCombs’s “County Line” plays like a melancholy reflection on his home town—and maybe it is. But in his self-directed video for the song, he acts as both chronicler and interloper, crossing other people’s county … read more »

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Bill Callahan Cass McCombs

Stream Two Bummer Records By Cass McCombs and Bill Callahan For Free

What’s up Bill Callahan and Cass McCombs! You are dudes that are able to capture the feeling of getting older and also coming to terms with life. Sometimes it’s a bummer, and even when it’s … read more »

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