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Download a Trilogy of Unofficial Cassie Mixtapes

So this is amazing: an enterprising Tumblr user has compiled an unofficial, 66-track trilogy of mixtapes cataloging the entire post-2006 output of beloved, under-released R&B singer Cassie—three hours of unreleased songs, Japanese-only tracks, collaborations, skits … read more »

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Marques’ Almeida’s Distressed-to-Death Denim

Remember destroying jeans with Sharpie markers and pocket knives while bored in study hall? Or bleaching, cutting and slashing, then turning the leftover strips into bracelets, necklaces and headbands? Marques’ Almeida does. The London-based duo … read more »

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Video: Cassie, “King of Hearts (Richard X Remix Edit)”

Cassie’s isn’t a story of unrealized potential so much as it’s about sadistically bottling anticipation and never allowing a release. You can’t follow her career so much as close your eyes and hope when you … read more »

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Cassie, “King of Hearts (Kanye West Remix)” MP3

In the role of DJ Yeezy World Peace, Kanye ups the handclaps and lays some wailing over (but does not rap or significantly alter) Cassie’s club single, “King of Hearts.” Download: Cassie, “King of Hearts … read more »

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Video: Cassie, “King of Hearts”

We’d been waiting a long time for a fresh Cassie single, so that she’s followed last week’s release of “King of Hearts” with a video almost immediately is kind of a relief. There’s no easily … read more »

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Cassie, “King of Hearts” MP3

Puffy filmed Cassie listening to the radio debut of “King of Hearts” in their car. As its digital tickle starts up, she pops a huge lipstick smile, claps out the chorus, chair wiggles as the … read more »

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Cassie f. Fabolous, “Radio” MP3

Late last week, Bad Boy released their official Bad Boy: The Preview mixtape, featuring “Radio,” which is basically Cassie getting nostalgic about the radio over Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones” beat. Fabolous also has a verse, … read more »

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d’Eon f. Marie Jane, “Kiss Me (Cassie Cover)” MP3

d’Eon and Marie Jane’s droopy-eyed cover of Cassie’s “Kiss Me” really drives home the you intoxicate me lyric. Bathed in d’Eon’s slow synth-wash, Jane’s calls of kiss me beckon almost sinisterly—like maybe touching bodies isn’t … read more »

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Stream: Cassie, “What I Do”

Those who have been waiting a long time for new Cassie can stop waiting, here’s a new track (potentially) from her million-years delayed sophomore album. Produced by 253. Stream: Cassie, “What I Do”

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Photos: Christelle de Castro’s Austin Diary

Christelle de Castro used to be Opening Ceremony’s Director of Photography. Now she’s a full-time multidisciplinary artist, working on books, magazines and heavily YouTubing in between. She came to this years FADER FORT by FIAT … read more »

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