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Live: Christopher Owens at Le Poisson Rouge

It seemed just yesterday all anybody could think about was Rihanna’s much hullabalooed appropriation of an open-sourced internet aesthetic for her recent SNL performance, which brought up so many issues of ownership and authenticity. How … read more »

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Cat Stevens Makes Peace With Coldplay

Now if only Joe Satriani felt the same way. read more »

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Chris Martin's New Best Friend Plays Los Angeles For First Time In 33 Years

Yusuf Islam (nee Cat Stevens) played the El Rey in Los Angeles Monday for an acoustic, invite-only show. Most of the tracks played live were off his new full-length Roadsinger, the singer’s second release in thirty years. read more »

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Coldplay To Stevens And Satriani: We Didn't Copy You!

Coldplay has said enough is enough with all the copy-catting banter that has been circulating around their song “Viva La Vida”. As we previously reported, both Cat Stevens and Joe Satriani have accused the pop-rock musicians of ripping off their music. The band has adamantly denied the accusations and now Will Champion, the band’s drummer, has a message for them both: “there are only eight notes in an octave and no one owns them.” read more »

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Not Again: Coldplay Now Accused By Cat Stevens Of Plagiarism

Even though Stevens doesn’t seem interested in pushing legal action against Coldplay, let this be a note to Chris Martin while in the studio: Just let Jon Hopkins and Brian Eno write all of your songs. read more »

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