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Introducing: Cee Lo Distilled

We’re stoked to present part one of Cee Lo Distilled, the first of two short videos, produced in conjunction with ABSOLUT, which give us a glimpse into Cee Lo’s so-fly soul. In this chapter, Cee … read more »

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brit awards

Behind the Scenes at Cee-Lo’s Brit Awards Performance

Award season is almost over, but before the final shebang at this weekend’s Oscars ceremony, let’s go back to something that happened earlier this month. Three things: Mobolaji Dawodu, a red carpet, and Cee-Lo. We … read more »

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Video: Cee Lo Green, “Bodies”

The “Bodies” video features an increasingly out-there Cee Lo Green as the One Heel Killa, sexing models for shoes and getting stabbed by a Karl Lagerfeld for H&M switchblade. It’s shot like they switched the … read more »

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Grammys Trash Talk: Is Cee Lo the Best Wild Tchoupitoula Ever? Is Gwyneth Paltrow the Worst?

In the ’70s, a bunch of Mardi Gras Indians in funky feathers met up with The Meters in New Orleans to make a heavily groovy record. The Wild Tchoupitoulas, as they were called, clearly had … read more »

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Grammys Trash Talk: Justin Bieber Fans Attack Esperanza Spalding, Lady Gaga Steals Ideas, Cee-Lo as Sun Ra

Last night at the 53rd Grammy awards, Wayne and Minaj walked the red carpet together but were absent from the events broadcast. Lady Gaga traversed the red carpet in an egg supported by pallbearers. When … read more »

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B.O.B. Believes in Aliens: “The Watchers” Video + No Genre Mixtape MP3

Motion Family on a tear! In this short for B.O.B.‘s “The Watchers”, a song where he sounds vaguely like Cee Lo on “I’ll Be Around” except way angrier, the Atlanta production house breaks from their … read more »

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Diplo grammys

Diplowatch 2010 #4: Diplo Did Not Get Nominated For a Grammy This Year

Last year Diplo got nominated for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ favorite Record of the Year. He lost to Alison Kraus and Robert Plant, but looked real good in a gray suit … read more »

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Stream: Cee Lo’s Album The Lady Killer

The Blueprint 47? Riding in on the bewildering, wonderful popularity of “Fuck You,” The Lady Killer is a totally suave, horn-laced, king-making record. Not difficult to imagine Cee Lo singing this album with a red … read more »

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Cee-Lo, “Bright Lights, Bigger City” MP3

One time we randomly saw Cee-Lo just walking down the street of midtown Manhattan, must have been around 57th and Broadway or so. It was around the time of the MTV VMAs and “Crazy” had … read more »

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Cee-Lo, “Old Fashioned” MP3

This next single off Cee-Lo’s new Lady Killer album is unabashedly, um, old-fashioned, a literal musical interpretation of Mr. Green’s sentiments. And while that may not be the most exciting thing in the world most … read more »

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