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Jeff Mangum Played Neutral Milk Hotel Songs Last Night in New York

At the Chris Knox benefit show at Le Poisson Rouge. According to OneThirtyBPM, the reclusive Neutral Milk Hotel brainchief played five songs from his much beloved (and raaaaaaarely performed) catalogue, one of which is embedded … read more »

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We Hope Jeff Mangum Doesn't Read Too Many Blogs

If you’re reading this blog (or really any music blog for that matter), you probably know revered Neutral Milk Hotel frontman Jeff Mangum doesn’t play a lot of gigs these days. And as his band’s … read more »

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Jeff Mangum Contributes to Chris Knox Tribute Album, Sends Indie Kid in Athens into Paroxysm of Joy

Former Neutral Milk Hotel frontman Jeff Mangum is the indie rock world’s J.D. Salinger: a recluse whose limited musical production following the demise of that one perfect record prompts JUBILATION whenever he shows his face … read more »

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Chris Knox In Stable Condition, Jay Reatard Does Something Nice

The world isn’t so dark after all, huh? read more »

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