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Five Reasons to Love/Hate Gwyneth Paltrow’s Record Deal

Word on the rumor mill is that America’s favorite sweetheart, Gwyneth Paltrow, is in advanced talks with Atlantic Records about a full-length hang her publicity tour. Here’s a list of five media antics we’re anticipating/cringing … read more »

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Jay-Z f. Chris Martin, “Most Kingz” MP3

New track by Jay-Z featuring his BFF Chris Martin of Coldplay as produced by Green Lantern. Well, sort of new. 2DopeBoyz has the rundown from Green Lantern, saying basically that this was an acapella recorded … read more »

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Not Again: Coldplay Now Accused By Cat Stevens Of Plagiarism

Even though Stevens doesn’t seem interested in pushing legal action against Coldplay, let this be a note to Chris Martin while in the studio: Just let Jon Hopkins and Brian Eno write all of your songs. read more »

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Coldplay Confirms Free Album For Fans

Back in February we told you Chris Martin and his Coldplay pals were planning to give fans a ‘thank you’ present for still buying tickets to shows, despite the state of the economy. The blueprints were drawn and the plans are now solidified, as Coldplay confirmed they will be giving away a live album to fans at their upcoming tour dates and as a free download from their website. read more »

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Coldplay In The Studio With Brian Eno But Not Chris Martin

As we reported just about a week ago, Coldplay and producer Brian Eno are at it again; taking some time off to record new material, after the combo’s success on 2008′s Viva La Vida. Front man Chris Martin will not be part of the equation though; at least not for another few weeks. read more »

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Best Singles Of 2008, #4 – Coldplay "Viva la Vida"

Say what you will about Coldplay or their perpetual mediocre albums, but to deny this song’s prowess is to deny deserving music based on foolish preconceived notions of what is cool, and what isn’t. Oh, and they didn’t steal it from Joe Satriani. read more »

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