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No Malice Confirms: “There Is No Clipse Album in the Works”

Bad news: for now, the reunion rumors are not true. “There is no Clipse album in the works,” founding Clipse member No Malice told FADER exclusively today, over the phone from home in Virginia Beach, … read more »

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Clipse: South of Heaven

For over three long years, Clipse have been forced to hold the lid shut on a Pandora’s box full of remorseless anger and piles and piles of cocaine. January 2014: Pusha T seems to have … read more »

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Clipse Rumored to be Reuniting for New Neptunes-Produced Album

Just a month ago Pusha T told BBC’s Zane Lowe that he would be open to a Clipse reunion, but that his partner, No Malice, was in a different place at that moment. But it’s … read more »

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Zane Lowe Pusha T

Watch Pusha T’s Zane Lowe Interview

BBC’s Zane Lowe stays on pace with a sit-down down with Pusha T, whose latest album My Name Is My Name will probably be at least in Lowe’s top-three for the year, he says. The … read more »

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Video: Pusha T f. Tyler, The Creator, “Trouble On My Mind”

Remember how Pusha T spent the last decade carefully cultivating a very precise image of a hardened and weary drug dealer? Well he fooled you. As is revealed quite early in this new video, the … read more »

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Stream: Pusha T and Tyler the Creator, “Trouble On My Mind”

Man, imagine being Tyler. Growing up super stoked about The Neptunes and then not even an entire year into his newfound fame, this happens. It’s like having a dream you can fly and then waking … read more »

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SL Jones, “Paper Cuts” MP3

Missing Hell Hath No Fury Clipse? Here’s young Atlanta-via-Arkansas SL Jones, giving his best lost in the sauce audition for next-wave Pyrex sous chef, minus the Neptunes sound. Jones says, The inspiration for this song … read more »

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Pusha T, Fear Of God Mixtape

Fear of God is Pusha T aging gracefully. Can’t do the ice-cold Neptunes thing forever, but also can’t move into John Legend LET’S UNITE THE WORLD schmaltz ever. Instead, he’s got to find a middle … read more »

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The New “Christmas In Harlem” Has Dipset Verses and Love for Hannukah

While you were soaking it all in and hitting the mall last night, Kanye was holding the door to his uptown Christmas party open for welcome latecomers Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Big Sean and Pusha T. … read more »

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Video: The Clipse f. Pharrell and Kenna, “Life Change”

If you’re wondering why this Clipse video is coming out now, it’s because, in all the Pusha hubub, Malice would like to remind you that a)he exists and b)he has a pretty dark sounding book … read more »

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