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Download Co La’s “Paranoid Summer” Mix

Tomorrow, Baltimore-based sample-slinger Co La heads to Toronto to kick off a Northeast tour in support of his ecstatic and schizophrenic recent album on Software, Moody Coup. To celebrate, Matthew Papich made us a mix … read more »

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Stream: Co La, “Melter’s Delight”

Back in 2011, Co La‘s Matthew Papich broke onto the blog scene with the horizontally unfolding vacation kitsch of Daydream Repeater. Released on Vermont label NNA Tapes, it seemed a culmination of the unique if … read more »

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Stream: Co La, “Love Nest”

Next week, the eclectic Baltimore producer Co La will release a new EP, Soft Power Memento. Standout track “Love Nest” opens with summery wafts of trumpet before bouncing the notes through Co La’s signature percussion … read more »

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Jonquil, “It’s My Part (Co La Remix)” MP3

Baltimore’s Co La—himself the recent recipient of a great left-field remix by Animal Collective’s Avey Tare—has lent his remix hand to “It’s My Part,” a song that’s basically already great, jubilant and emotive as any … read more »

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Co La, “Vanity Plate” MP3

Co La’s “Vanity Plate” is the kind of track you pretty much have to give a couple listens to. On the first run through, it’s probably going to sound pretty messy and scattered, on the … read more »

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Co La, “Egyptian Peaches” MP3

Co La is the solo alias of chronic sound deconstructionist Matthew Papich, best known for his work in Baltimore’s messy, heady Ecstatic Sunshine. Taken from Papich’s forthcoming Daydream Repeater LP on NNA Tapes, the label’s … read more »

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