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Ghetto Palms 122: Chief Boima / Banana Clipz / Champeta!

Several things happened in the Ghetto Archipelago recently that caught my ear/mind. For instance: the University of the West Indies held a conference on cloud computing to float the idea of transforming the whole Caribbean … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 110: Theophilus / Highlife / El Guincho / Indie-Trop

This column was never just about dancehall, but it has maybe failed to touch on one of the most exciting things about the whole field of tropical music that I’ve been romping about in. Namely, … read more »

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Toy Selectah’s Mirrored Video for Colombian Independence Day

No better way to celebrate Colombian Independence Day than with a documentary-style video from Monterrey beat genius Toy Selectah, whose “Half Mexican Half Colombian Bandit” reflects both countries’ dual history and appreciation for cumbia. This … read more »

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Bomba Estereo, “Fuego (Pacha Massive Fiyah RMX)” MP3

Colombian electro-tropical ensemble Bomba Estereo had a sleeper hit in “Fuego” over the summer, a loping cumbia-like rhythm with spat-out vocals that sounded like they were coming from a repressed dragon gearing up to torch … read more »

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