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euphoria again

Download Euphoria Again’s Self-Titled Album

Just a few months after releasing the excellent Bedroom Recordings LP—at the very least, listen to its “Massacre Isn’t Marie” and “Black” 30 times… Jesus, seems like he just put out an album that was … read more »

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Download R.L. Kelly’s Life’s a Bummer LP

Even if you’re not in the mood for low-key, cutely blue songs like “Woke Up Feeling Sad,” give it a spin for the artist’s name alone. R.L. Kelly is Rachel Levy, the little-cat-voiced LA artist … read more »

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Coma Cinema, “Come On Apathy!” MP3

You know what we as a young generation need? More songs we can really get behind that make us feel bad about ourselves, please! No just kidding. Although this song does that. Maybe 30 years … read more »

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