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Watch Girls on Conan

Last night Conan celebrated his birthday with Girls, who performed Father, Son, Holy Ghost track “Love Like a River” on his TBS show. The band, who’ve been touring since September of last year, play Coachella’s … read more »

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Watch Das Racist Perform on Conan

Last night on Conan, the dudes from Das Racist put their usual bug-out energy into being their own band instead of dancing and flailing. During their performance of “Michael Jackson,” Heems spun around in circles … read more »

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Red Hair And White Stripes: Conan Rocks Third Man Records

So Conan’s mystery gig at Third Man last night logically turned out to be of the musical variety. The show began with covers by Coco and his touring band, with White eventually joining in (see … read more »

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Coco and Jack White Team Up For Mystery Collaboration

Happen to be in Nashville today? Do us a favor and find out just what the hell is going on at Third Man Records. That mysterious video above, along with this sufficiently vague tweet, hints … read more »

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Conan Played Guitar for Vampire Weekend

Rhythm guitar. Last night at the former’s Radio City tour stop in Manhattan. And judging by how rich and full it sounded, Vampy Weeks may consider adding another guitarist full-time. Actually, that guitarist’s name is … read more »

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Watch Eddie Vedder Perform "Baba O'Riley" and "Oh Coco" for Conan in Seattle

Some of us have been out of the office for a while, plying our trade out in the “field”. Our computer was badly hurt out there and as a result we weren’t able to add … read more »

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Ted Leo Confirms Conan's Not Only Adorable, But Totally Punk

So maybe Conan’s not punk in the typical sense. But then again, isn’t the whole calling yourself punk thing the quickest way to lose your punk cred anyway? Ted Leo took to his MySpace page … read more »

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Triumph Goes Number Two on Bonnaroo

Does he still do that? read more »

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Jack White Hates Myspace, Feels Okay About Television

“Do I really need a MySpace page for this f–king music?” Yes, probably. read more »

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Pearl Jam + Target + Cameron Crowe + Conan = IT'S ALL HAPPENING

Yesterday was a weird day for Pearl Jam fanatics. The Seattle band premiered some brand new songs on Conan O’Brien’s inaugural show as host of NBC’s storied Tonight Show, but even bigger news comes via an exclusive from Billboard. read more »