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The Best of Copenhagen Fashion Week: Spring 2013

Copenhagen Fashion Week is wrapping up, and it always leaves us drooling over some of our favorite Scandinavian styles. There are some old standbys like Peter Jensen and Wood Wood who always show some amazing … read more »

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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Henrik Vibskov Spring / Summer 2012

This past weekend Henrik Vibskov presented his latest collection entitled The Axis of Henrik Vibskov. Models wandered around a makeshift theater set with some interesting plywood wall fixtures that resembled the ones in his Broome … read more »

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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Henrik Vibskov

As New York Fashion Week madness rages on, champagne pouring and ladies teetering on high heels, we can’t help but envy Henrik Vibskov, a man who seems able to bottle his mad cap energy exclusively … read more »

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Pony Up to Stine Goya for Copenhagen Fashion Week

Stine Goya‘s autumn/winter presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week was inspired by an African performance art group, hence the intricate prints, string puppets and wooden-horse headpieces that wove their way into the presentation. Pale faced models … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Wood Wood Fall 2010

It’s typically quite difficult for a line to be fashion ambidextrous, in other words as strong in menswear as it is in women’s. Danish label Wood Wood showed a new collection in Copenhagen last week … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Q&A with Silas Adler of Soulland

Soulland designer Silas Adler is a young man with an old soul. He founded the Danish menswear line while still a teenager, and sharpens his quirky sartorial skills with every season. The new collection is … read more »

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Ivana Helskinki Gets Horsey and Dotty for Spring 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Week wrapped up this weekend, leaving a trail of gorgeous new Scandinavian collections to get into. Designer Ivana Helskini’s show is a good place to start, just because we’ve been wearing holes in … read more »

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Style TV: Soulland at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Silas Adler, the designer behind the Danish label Soulland, was a bit of a child prodigy (or teenage one at least) and has had a special place in out hearts since we discovered his awesome … read more »


Style: Henrik Vibskov’s Spinning Wheels

Henrik Vibskov is one of the greatest, most loopy and fantastic designers around, and we’ve always wondered what a stroll around the inner workings of his mind might be like. Last Friday, surrounded by man-sized … read more »

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Stylee Fridays: Moon Spoon Saloon at Copenhagen Fashion Week

There are lots of international designers that we’ve communicated with over the years but, alas, few that we’ve been able to meet in the flesh. Popping over to Copenhagen Fashion Week gives us a chance … read more »

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