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A Place To Bury Strangers, Dinowalrus, Crash Diet Crew @ Less Artists More Condos | NYC

It was rainy and wet outside, leading to a hot, moist and loud evening inside at Less Artists More Condos. Good thing it was a stacked line-up as all three bands on the bill were worth the effort of trying to find a hiding place for your umbrella. So good in fact, we had two Tripwire photographers there. Here is what they saw. read more »

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Wavves, Crystal Stilts And These Are Powers To Play Free Topman Launch Party This Weekend

The ladies of Topshop get J-Lo and Kate Moss at their opening. What do the dudes get? Lo-fi bands at a graffiti strewn diy venue in Brooklyn. It’s cool that Topman will be throwing a party this weekend (for free) with some really solid bands on the bill (for free), but men who fancy their clothes to be European taylored, we think it’s time you ask for some big star power in your branding. Did we mention it’s free? read more »

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