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Stream: Little Spoon, “Clouds Clear”

The best DIY pop is open to everybody, and Little Spoon’s very sweet “Clouds Clear” would make a lot of sense soundtracking a children’s parade, what with its playful, never-quitting opening loop dinging like something … read more »

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Window Twins, “Don’t Let Me Down (Soft Riot’s Wormhole Version)” MP3

Londoner Soft Riot’s high-stepping remix of “Don’t Let Me Down,” by the weird-pop Window Twins (the Bay Area team of Tim Cohen of The Fresh & Onlys and Jon Bernson of Exray’s), sounds less like … read more »

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Stream: Cosmic Sound, “Bear Aura”

Stephen Harris, the Houston production wizard behind last year’s incredible VHS tape/album Cosmic Sound II, has found a new home for his 2010 LP VHS Vision, previously self-released in a bit of confusing foreshadowing using … read more »

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Ender Belongs to Me, “All Working” MP3

The unnamed Brooklyn duo behind Ender Belongs to Me write on their Tumblr—using the single voice of Peter Wiggin, the damaged older brother in Ender’s Game—about addiction, fear of digital capitalism and the uphill climb … read more »

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