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Stream: Crystal Fighters, “You & I (Sunless ’97 Black Magic Mix)”

Sunless ’97, still riding high in my book from their great “Aurora I”, were tapped to remix Spain/London five-piece Crystal Fighters’ beachy single “You & I,” a track whose dispassionate vocals early on do little … read more »

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Video: Crystal Fighters, “Follow”

It all began at the Crystal Cafe, where an innocent woman was reading a book, lip syncing to “Follow” and generally minding her own business. Then a weird bag-faced man with a pointy pinata hat … read more »

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Premiere: Crystal Fighters, “In the Summer (Malente RMX)” MP3

The peculiar and fascinating Spanish ensemble Crystal Fighters look like they want to scrape out your brains and eat them with their hands (see above), but on record they sound more voracious for jungle beats … read more »

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Premiere: Crystal Fighters, “In The Summer (Telepathe Remix)” MP3

The multinational conglomerate known as Crystal Fighters have a new album named Star of Love coming on September 13th, and by the sounds of the first single, “In The Summer,” that star is actually a … read more »

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Interview With Crystal Fighters at the Levi’s® FADER Fort

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Video: Crystal Fighters, “I Love London”

We would love London too if we were there and saw this nouveau Rayanne Graff gonking the hell out on some real personal rave wave. Then we would be her friend and run around and … read more »

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New Music Thursday – Twin Crystals

Yup, we did it. We were able to find two new Crystal bands in consecutive weeks. Last week it was the Euro-dance Kitsune product Crystal Fighters, this week it’s Vancouver’s psychedelic-punk-pioneers Twin Crystals. But don’t be scared off by the name. read more »

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Crystal Stilts – "Love Is A Wave"

Keeping with our Crystal theme today, here’s the newest video from Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts, who remain one of our favorite bands of the recent garage revival. Where some have gone for total punk, while others … read more »

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New Music Thursday – Crystal Fighters

Bringing a progressive agglomeration of Basque-influenced folk, electronic synthetic beats and unparalleled vocals to the forefront of European music through their infamous live shows and rigorous tour schedule, the East London-based five-some of fury Crystal Fighters are absolutely killing it. read more »