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Freak Scene #49: The Year End Edition

In this week’s Freak Scene, Jamie Johns discusses the year’s best singles, full lengths, cassettes and shows. Somehow it includes no mention of the band Emeralds. Check her writeup after the jump!

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Freak Scene #39

In this edition of Freak Scene, we are getting knee deep in masculinity…sort of. In terms of “crossover” (meaning: they appeal to real hardcore fans and to, you know, “hardcore fans”) hardcore groups, every one … read more »

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The Singles Collection – Herds, Iron Age, Cult Ritual

This week on the Singles Collection, we’re delving into some of the best hardcore America has to offer. While everything on offer is, in one way or another, indebted to the DC scene — whether it be aesthetically, sonically or just in terms of pure work ethic — each of this week’s bands has taken those original sounds and ideals and transformed them into something definitively their own. read more »

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