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Video: ZZK Records Takes New York (ZZK TV, Episode One)

There’s really nothing like ZZK Records anywhere in the world: the avant Argentinian label releases experimental, digital cumbias and other unique interpretations traditional Latin genres; acts as a family, collective and nightclub in Buenos Aires; … read more »

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Fort Alum: Toy Selectah, “Half-Mexican, Half-Colombian Bandit”

Not only is Toy Selectah one of our favorites to ever DJ at the Levi’s® FADER Fort but his mirror image video “Half-Mexican, Half-Colombian Bandit” (via The FADER proper) is really making us reconsider how … read more »

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Toy Selectah’s Mirrored Video for Colombian Independence Day

No better way to celebrate Colombian Independence Day than with a documentary-style video from Monterrey beat genius Toy Selectah, whose “Half Mexican Half Colombian Bandit” reflects both countries’ dual history and appreciation for cumbia. This … read more »

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The Let Out: Tremor & Chancha via Circuito

Tonight on the Let Out, the FADER’s weekly show on East Village Radio, we have some very special guest DJs headed to the station directly from Kennedy Airport, where they will have just landed from … read more »

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Stream: Chancha via Circuito’s Rio Arriba

Halfway through “Cumbion de las Aves,” the second song on this album, it sounds like Chancha via Circuito has recorded himself shaking a bag of quarters as a source of clattering percussion—and given the young … read more »

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Erick Rincon, “Los Pajaritos (Feeling Edit)” MP3

Erick Rincon is a 17-year-old producer/DJ and basically the hottest shit in Monterrey, Mexico for the under-21 set (we’re pretty sure he’s captured a few of the overs, too). Normally dude sticks with the spastic … read more »

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Everything Everything, “Schoolin (Toy Selectah RMX)” MP3

Not really a pair we could have predicted, but we’ll take whatever we can get from Mexican deck master Toy Selectah. Because he is smart, he didn’t force prog-pitched Brits Everything Everything to fit into … read more »

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Video Premiere: Bomba Estereo, “Aguasala”

You may recognize the handsome Colombians of Bomba Estereo from such recent FADER exploits as the Levi’s® FADER Fort in Austin, Texas, where they wowed the crowd and then sat in our trailer for a … read more »

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Premiere: El Remolon, ZZK Mixtape #9

El Remolon (nee Andrés Schteingart) is one of the scions of Buenos Aires’ ZZK scene, where traditional cumbia rhythms are re-envisioned for the digital age, forging new paths for tropical music and helping to ensure … read more »

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Mexicans With Guns f. Chico Mann, “Me Gustó”

Mexicans with Guns‘ Tetris-like track flirts with digital cumbia, but characteristically teeters, threatening to shapeshift into some kind of deconstructionist booty bass mushroom cloud. Marquitos Garcia aka Chico Mann is its leveling factor, his lullaby … read more »

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