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Hear Sami Suova of Shine 2009′s Solo Debut, Recessional

FADER PREMIERE Been following the moves of Sami Suova for years, first as part of the Helsinki pop duo Shine 2009, then as Shine morphed into a Carl Jung-inspired happy hardcore group called Cup, and … read more »

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Stream Cup’s Album Red Book

The Finnish duo behind Shine 2009 self-released their incredible, upbeat Red Book LP recently under a new alias, Cup. Inspired sonically by happy hardcore and conceptually by Carl Jung’s private journal cataloguing his self-induced hallucinations, … read more »

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Video: Cup, “Samish Bottle”

Cup, the fantastic new moniker of Finland’s Shine 2009, have released their debut video, directed by the artist Jaakko Pallasvuo. Like Cup’s music, Pallasvuo’s video is a graceful blend of smart and dumb. His take … read more »

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Cup, “I’m Just Fighting” MP3

Following their Realism LP for Cascine last year, an album that both sounded like ’90s Paula Abdul and featured the singer as a guest vocalist, Finland’s Shine 2009 have reconvened under a new moniker, Cup. … read more »

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