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A-Trak Duck Sauce Album

A-Trak Gives New Details on Danny Brown Album

Danny Brown just released the tracklist for his forthcoming album, Old — one of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of the year — and dropped a new track, “Side A (Old),” last week. A-Trak, Brown’s … read more »

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Video: Danny Brown, “Dip”

Danny Brown’s worth-the-wait album Old is out October 8th, and streaming on Spotify even sooner, starting September 30th. (Right now, it’s up for preoder.) Today, Danny released a live performance/animation hybrid video for “Dip,” a … read more »

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Stream: Danny Brown, “Side A (Old)”

Here’s the opening track of Danny Brown’s Old LP, out September 30th via Fools Gold. Produced by Paul White with a baleful set of horns, the track firmly situates the album’s first half in the … read more »

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Video: Danny Brown, “ODB”

Danny Brown inaugurated his dannybrownbruhbruh YouTube channel today with “ODB,” the onetime title track to his rechristened Old LP, out September 30th via them Fools with the Gold. Danny skips and wobbles over a Paul … read more »

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Stream: Danny Brown, “Hand Stand” (Prod by. Darq E Freaker)

Danny Brown has shared his second twerk-themed song of the year (following April’s “#ExpressYourself”), featuring a frantic, “Dat Girl Right There”-like beat by “Blueberry” producer and recent Warm Up mix maker Darq E Freaker. Unclear … read more »

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Stream: SD f. Danny Brown, “New World Order (Remix)”

Last month SD, Chicago rapper and associate of Chief Keef’s GBE crew, released his Life of a Savage 3 tape. Today Danny Brown joins him on a remix of explosive “New World Order,” jumping tongue-backflips … read more »

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Interview: Danny Brown on the Detroit Bankruptcy

A post-industrial perfect storm has been hammering Detroit for decades, culminating this July with the city’s bankruptcy filing, the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history both in terms of debt (~$20 billion) and population size … read more »

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Stream: Nakim f. Danny Brown, “Mixtape”

Nakim’s “Mixtape” is built on uneasy synths that sound power-line thin. It’s boilerplate rap in the best way possible, with Nakim throwing growling verses about hustling and having sex with women while listening to his … read more »

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Stream: Tree f. Danny Brown, “No Faces”

It seems like every time Tree works with another rapper, I end up wanting to write about how well he works with whoever that rapper might be: Roc Marciano, Danny Brown, whatever. The point is … read more »

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Watch Danny Brown Perform a New Song Produced by Rustie

*Gasps for air* Two observations. First, it’s a good thing Danny Brown is such a capable enunciator in live performances; there’s a woefully short list of other rappers who could perform a new song live … read more »

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