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Listen to Tinashe and Dave Sitek’s Slinky, Sensuous “Xylaphone”

Courtesy of Dr Pepper, which now, as brands these days all seem wont to, hosts a cool-chasing “artist pairing series” called Dr Pepper Studio Sessions, comes a collaboration between Tinashe and Dave Sitek of TV … read more »

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Video: Telepathe, “Slow Learner”

In a 2008 FADER feature about Telepathe, now-editor-in-chief Matthew Schnipper wrote: “Their music has more in common with the do-it-yourselfness of self-taught beatmaker Soulja Boy than former tourmates !!!” (You can tell it’s an old … read more »

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Lykke Li fader issue 71 leonie purchas

Lykke Li, “I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix)” MP3

About a minute into this remix by Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio and, uh, Jane’s Addiction, you can tell its him because of the saxophone. No one loves rock sax more than Dave … read more »

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Video: Maximum Balloon Ft. Theophilus London, “Groove Me”

The new video from Dave Sitek’s party-music project, Maximum Balloon, is heavy on the green screen and easy on the eyes. It also happens to be shot by FADER video blood-brother on the left coast, … read more »

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Stream: Maximum Balloon aka Dave Sitek f. Tunde Adibempe, “Absence of Light”

We feel TV on the Radio beat mastermind Dave Sitek‘s impulse to do his own thing, releasing a producer’s album under the moniker Maximum Balloon with vocals by folks like Karen O, Theophilus London and … read more »

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Stream: Maximum Ballon (Dave Sitek) f. Theophilus London, "Groove Me" MP3

We sometimes find comfort in artists doing their regular shit. Theophilus lends his talents to Dave Sitek’s project here and we’re very into the way they sound together. London always sounds so good when fast … read more »

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Stream: Maximum Balloon (Dave Sitek) f. Theophilus London, “Groove Me”

We have it on good authority that Theophilus has been laying down some major jams with Dave Sitek for his future solo debut, and this collabo for Sitek’s new Maximum Balloon project confirms it (sort … read more »

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What the Hell, Justin Bieber Ripped Off RAAAAAAAANDY!

Justin Bieber fever has hit its all-time high. But as this video proves, he jacked his biggest hit (you know, that one… don’t know the name… the one with the the whoa-oh-ohs) from all-star rappermedian, … read more »

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What’s that old adage, the funniest comedy is 50% true? Even though half the rappers RAAAAAANDY aka Aziz Ansari calls out in this track are rumored to be on these two dudes’ forthcoming mixtape (shhh!), … read more »

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Aziz Ansari Has a New Mixtape with Dave Sitek, Doesn’t Let Us Do a Drop

Well it’s actually Raaaaaaaandy‘s new mixtape, for which he promises more details are forthcoming. When we heard about this, we called him up and were like YO DUDE CAN WE DO AN AWESOME DROP AND … read more »

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