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Happy Birthday David Bowie

63 glorious years have passed since the babe with the power/kitty cat came into this world. And, according to Pitchfork, a long-rumored Bowie tribute album is taking different shape as a benefit for the War … read more »

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Flight Of The Conchords Grounded, Will Not Return For Third Season

This is sad news. Sad enough to make even the real David Bowie bummed out.

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Itemized: The Fucking Awesome Bowie Tee

Every week a different FADER staff member will pick a clothing item or accessory that he or she has lately been spending a lot of time with—or would like to—and write a little love letter … read more »

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Rare Spider Named After David Bowie

Seriously. read more »

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The Forty Sexiest Frontmen In Rock History

In March, the editors over at Nerve posted their picks for the Forty Sexiest Frontwomen in Rock History, and after receiving a bit of flack for their picks, the editors have struck again; only this time (more importantly) with the Forty Sexiest Frontmen in Rock History. read more »

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Slow Dance

Jeremy Jay‘s sophomore album, Slow Dance, is an eerily entertaining listen to describe. Overall pretty entertaining in its strangeness, though the most interesting quality might be derived from trying to apply classification. Is there such a thing as minimalist-disco-glam? Or should we just call it Jeremy Jay? read more »

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Greatest Song At This Moment – Arcade Fire "Black Mirror"

There’s no barrier separating you from the emotions and excitement of the Arcade Fire. Neon Bible gives a million of these kinds of emotional payoffs, but “Black Mirror” demonstrates them in the kind of way that tells you everything you’d ever want to know about the band, or hope to find. read more »

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Flashback Friday Video – Devo "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

Since last month had a Friday the 13th too, we decided to forego the creepy video this time around and pay homage to Devo’s decision to play their 1978 debut Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! in it’s entirety. read more »

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New Music Thursdays – Awesome New Republic

Awesome New Republic is a 3-piece indie band out of Miami, FL comprised of Michael John Hancock and Brian Robertson with featured touring drummer, Jorge Rubiera. They just finished Rational Geographic Volume 1, the first of a trilogy of 6 song cycles said to be inspired by the parallels between the Star Wars trilogy and the past 30+ years of American government. Sounds both ambitious and a bit on the nerdy side, but with lyrics like, “This is not a game I play, with just any other guy,” you gotta respect the David Bowie/Prince vibe these guys are throwing out there with their high vocal squeals backed with synth rhythm. Not to mention the appropriated guy-on-guy lyrics. hot. read more »

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Coachella Fans Displeased With Killers Headlining

With Coachella just a month and a half away fans have been swarming the event’s message boards, posting their discontent about The Killers headlining Saturday night. Generally speaking, Coachella enlists acts of epic proportions to headline the event, so rumors have been circulating that the less-than-epic Las Vegas rockers are just holding Saturday night’s spot until a bigger name is released to surprise fans. read more »

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