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Tommy Lee

Interview With Tommy Lee Pt. 1: On Masks and Electronic Music

When Tommy Lee offered to open up the doors to his home recording studio for us, it was just around the time that we had seen Deadmau5 at Austin City Limits (for whom Tommy Lee … read more »

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Tent Posts: Austin City Limits, Day 2

Day 2. Instead of running stage to stage today, we decided to take a calmer approach. We began by hanging out in the grass, prepping our ears for the Black Lips, Local Natives, Dan Black, … read more »

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Stream: Nhertz, “Nematic Phase”

Chioma, FADER’s style director, told us our horoscope is lookin’ good in the love department this month so we decided to watch the above preview trailer for the forthcoming Luvstep compilation like 32 times in … read more »

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Exclusive Download – Cassettes Won't Listen "Into The Hillside"

With new music comes a certain sense of bravado. While Small-Time Machine drew comparisons to softer electro-pop ala Postal Service, here Jason Drake — aka Cassettes Won’t Listen — brings the beats. Less shoegaze and more dance, the title track for his new LP is what Def Jux would sound like if it called the Eastern Block it’s home. read more »

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Calvin Harris – "I'm Not Alone" (Deadmau5 Remix)

Back in January Calvin Harris released the first single from his second studio LP, “I’m Not Alone”, offering up the first remix himself the day he posted it on his MySpace music player. Now, though, time has passed and others have taken their turn at the the mixing table, including someone you may have heard of — Deadmau5. read more »

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Sasquatch Announces Line-Up; We're Pretty Impressed But Our Wallets Are Not

In the wake of the ever increasing pool of festivals and the possible merger between Live Nation and Ticketmaster, the idea of paying $200 to see live music during a recession resulted in our pockets slapping us back into reality. But to be fair, the Sasquatch Festival — presented by Live Nation and tickets sold by Ticketmaster — is one of the cheaper weekend-long festivals and the line-up could quite possibly be the best yet. read more »

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