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Death Cab Talks New Video

Ceeeee-utie read more »

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Ben Gibbard Contributes to Twilight's World Conquest

Move solidifies the band’s semi-odd place in tween culture for a new generation of youngsters who might never even care why Ryan and Marissa broke up. read more »

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Telekinesis’ Michael Benjamin Lerner is an extremely talented individual. Not only does he craft irresistibly catchy pop songs, but he also plays basically every instrument on his self-titled debut, (produced by Death Cabs For Cutie’s Chris Walla); an album filled with high energy, smartly written power-pop with an indie rock immediacy. read more »

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Amazon Ranks Indie Rock In Top 100 Albums List

Nothing can induce a potent combination of nostalgia and rage like the time-honored top 100 list. All the major music magazines have come out with at least one or two, and Rolling Stone has about a one-per-month quota. But this latest one comes from a slightly unlikely source — Amazon.com. Apparently they don’t just sell you music. They might actually know a little something about it, too. Maybe. read more »

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In recent years, Appleseed Cast have been incorporating more electronic elements into their music, embracing a Minus The Bear sound replete with loops and sampling. A bit of a Death Cab fixation features prominently as well. Similarities aside, from where I’m sitting Sagarmatha is the best Appleseed Cast release yet, rarely boring and splitting the difference nicely between the electronic and the organic. read more »

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Death Cab For Cutie – "Grapevine Fires"

Death Cab For Cutie has just returned from touring overseas, are getting ready to kick off  U.S. tour in April, and have just released a brand new, animated video for “Grapevine Fires” off of 2008′s Narrow … read more »


Aquarium Drunkard And WFMU Release Ram Covers Compilation

We’re not entirely sure the reason for Ram being reconceived by not one — but two — respected independent media outlets. We understand it’s a great album, but did we miss the 27th anniversary party or something? Either way, both WFMU and Aquarium Drunkard have managed to recreate some of Paul McCartney‘s best solo work with the help of some of today’s best independent musicians. read more »

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Death Cab, Dashboard, Girl Talk (& More) Announced To Play Langerado '09

Langerado organizers announced the initial line-up for the seventh-annual music festival today, which is exciting for two primary reasons: 1. It’s a three-day music festival in south Florida, being held this year for the first time in gorgeous Miami; 2. It reminds us that the most magical time of year, festival season (Coachella, SXSW and Bonnaroo, glee!), is almost upon us. read more »

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