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You already know. Here’s a classic smooth jam. RIP Brooklyn’s Finest. We’ll be back on your born day.

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DEDICATION: Young Jeezy and Fela Kuti (What? Yes.)

We knew we loved Jeezy but once we heard him call Fela Kuti “gangster” and say “He might be the African Jizzle” we knew it was meant to be. That’s right, you two are soulmates. … read more »

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Dedication: Onika Maraj's High School Talent Show Oeuvre

From backing vocals on Lloyd’s “Take it Off” to “Knockout,” a pop punk collaboration with Lil’ Wayne, we are no stranger to Nicki Minaj’s crooning capabilities. Since she went to New York City’s Fame-ous LaGuardia … read more »

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DEDICATION: Chad Ochocinco's Training "Habits"

Chad Ochocinco, you are a highly questionable man… and fine…and shit we just lost our train of thought watching this foolishness. We ignored your “sympathy Uggs” but chile please explain this latest episode of OCNN. … read more »

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Dedication: J.Lo as Rihanna on SNL

We’re not sure who gets the prize for best impression in this one but we DEF have to shout out our girl J.Lo as RiRi. The hair, the outfit, the adlibs: perfection. You know, sometimes … read more »

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Dedication: R.I.P. Sasha Fierce

Last night on Extra, Mrs. Knowles-Carter revealed that with a swat of her hand and a declarative “I killed her” that Sasha Fierce is no more. We’re partial to R&B alter egos at Suite903 (so, … read more »

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Dedication: Terrell Owens' Runway Face

TWERRRRRRRRRRKKKKKKK!!!!!!! Terrell Owens you are fierce and ferocious boo! TO took to the catwalk for Richie Rich of Heatherette’s new line A*MUSE (you have bigger things to worry about than the irony, my friends) and … read more »

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Dedication: Nicki Minaj and Her Boob Entourage

Nicki. Minaj. Is. Gangster. Last night the twitternet was going nuts over Nicki Minaj’s call to her barbies for pics of their cleavage for autographs. Apparently if you sent her a pic of your tatas … read more »

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Dedication: #thisdateisover

Perhaps our favorite trending topic on Twitter YET, and the only one that’s inspired us to peruse the public timeline, #thisdateisover has yielded such gems as: @KaineTheBrave: #thisdateisover if she wants extra cheese on her … read more »

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Dedication: John Edwards, Father

John Edwards, you’re so stupid that you’re a GENIUS! Even though you were not slick enough to cheat on your wife with an attractive woman or keep your scallywag quiet, we applaud you. You were … read more »

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