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Deerhunter Release More New Music, Go 3-D

“Nosebleed” is the rollicking b-side of Deerhunter’s “Memory Boy” single. Suggesting the violent repercussions of what should be a good time (making out?), Bradford Cox matches a distorted rock vocals with lush acoustic strumming, creating … read more »

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Rodarte Collaborates with Opening Ceremony AND Deerhunter in One Week

Mornings this week were all about wish fulfillment— somewhere in heaven a baby kitten got its wings and Opening Ceremony debuted their collaboration with Rodarte. The capsule collection has a youthful naivete, see leather pinafore … read more »

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Bradford Cox Artificial Snow Worktapes

Atlas Sound, The Artificial Snow Worktapes

It’s really close to a holiday, which means Bradford Cox is holed up somewhere either recording or listening incessantly to older songs. Here we’ve got five takes on the same kinda Christmasy song that is … read more »

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TGIF News Rally: Keri Hilson is Not Sorry About Being A Small Percentage Of A Freak

** Last week at our auntie’s house we learned most of the dances from the “Pretty Girl Rock” video with our girl-cousins by watching it over and over. We were thankful for that opportunity to … read more »

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Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 4

In a mindboggling move, the anti-piracy wing of Sony Records deleted Bradford Cox‘s own recordings that he uploaded on his own website. He’s since changed the links, so now we can all enjoy Volume 4 … read more »

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Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 3

Dude, Bradford Cox. What the hell! Are you cleaning out your external harddrive or something? We’ll say this: he’s got good timing. Unloading this much music on us right before a holiday weekend guarantees that … read more »

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Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 2

Because Bradford Cox has apparently decided we’ve all had enough time to get into Volume 1, he’s throwing a new album length installment out into the world. Presumably he’s recording all these songs while we’re … read more »

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Bradford Cox Covers Bob Dylan, Kurt Vile on Atlas Sound’s Bedroom Databank Vol. 1

Georgian home recording ultra maven Bradford Cox has a new harmonica heavy mixtape available for free download on his blog. It sounds like The Beatles, it sounds like the Appalachians. It also (almost) literally sounds … read more »

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Video: Real Estate w/ Bradford Cox, “Mind Games” (John Lennon Cover)

Normally it doesn’t make sense to post a live video unless it was shot in HD, 3D or with those IMAX cameras Christopher Nolan is always mumbling on about. But, it would also be counter-intuitive … read more »

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Roman Photos, “Decline” MP3

Here’s what’s cool about this: the wistful vocals that float effortlessly above the music, the buzzing density of the entire song, the warm thump drawn out from minimal techno and into a more rock-based world. … read more »

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