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Freak Scene: That Overlooked Destroyer Album

The above headline is not exactly true, but Destroyer’s 2008 album Trouble in Dreams, which came on the heels of the universally loved Rubies, didn’t get so much attention. I couldn’t tell you why, necessarily. … read more »

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Destroyer and New Order: Theatrical in Completely Different Ways

New Order: Totally a group that was theatrical in all the right ways. Even at their most melancholy, there were glints of light that shone through. It’s a sound that multiple generations of bands have … read more »

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A Year in Music: Sam Hockley-Smith

It’s difficult to differentiate a year in music from just a year. Beyonce exists because we hear her at the gym, Bill Callahan is important because he sings about America while we’re abroad, the first … read more »

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The Tripwire: On Destroyer, Transformations and When Less is More

Destroyer’s Kaputt will almost surely be on my personal top 10 year-end list. Structurally and musically, the recent reissue of Destroyer’s Ideas For Songs feels like a near-polar opposite to the grandiose and intricate arrangements … read more »

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Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play Mix #1

Stream and download the first of four mixes in our Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play series. Track list is below! Download: Kenneth Cole Reaction Re-Play Mix #1 1. Cloud Nothings, “Should Have” 2. Mr. Dream, “Trash … read more »

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Stream the New Destroyer Album Kaputt

In the March 2006 issue of The FADER, then editor in chief Alex Wagner subtitled her cover story on Dan Bejar, “Destroyer and the Struggle to Make Something Strange and Beautiful With All Our Lost … read more »

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FEATURE: Destroyer’s Battle Hymns for the Republics

The northeastern edge of Vancouver is populated with the homeless and addicted, men and women ambling down the street, sunken in doorways, or laying on the steps of buildings‚ bodies palsied from years of dependence, … read more »

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Video: Destroyer, “Kaputt”

What was the casting call that went out for this video? We have a sneaking suspicion that the words “indie hot” and/or “American Apparel” appeared on it, in some way. Not that we’re complaining! It’s … read more »

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Destroyer, “Chinatown” MP3

Prior to the release of this single, which is warm and sure of itself and grown up, Dan Bejar, who records as Destroyer, released an ambient 12-inch with a song called “Grief Point.” On it, … read more »

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Stream: Destroyer, “Bay of Pigs”

FADER #36 cover Dan Bejar just broke music. Instead of putting four or five songs on a record and releasing it as an EP, Bejar decided he’d drop a FOURTEEN MINUTE prog synth epic, “Bay … read more »

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