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Detroit’s Underground Resistance

Movement Electronic Music Festival director Sam Fotias on keeping the arts alive in a bankrupt city From the magazine: ISSUE 88, October/November 2013 On July 18th of this year, the city of Detroit filed for … read more »

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Interview: Danny Brown on the Detroit Bankruptcy

A post-industrial perfect storm has been hammering Detroit for decades, culminating this July with the city’s bankruptcy filing, the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history both in terms of debt (~$20 billion) and population size … read more »

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No Concessions: A Band Called Death Comes Alive

There’s a scene early on in the new documentary A Band Called Death–which recounts the story of the recently rediscovered 70s proto-punk band Death–in which Brian Spears, then the director of publishing at Detroit’s Groovesville … read more »


Video: Nas, “Hate Me Now” and Matt & Kim, “Cameras” (Live at vitaminwater uncapped)

The luxurious architecture of Detroit’s Masonic temple would have made a great location for Nas to recreate the decadence of his seminal “Hate Me Now” video, but Diddy was busy gargling champagne somewhere else and … read more »

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Interview: Nas and Matt & Kim at vitaminwater uncapped

Nas and Matt & Kim, the co-headliners of Detroit’s vitaminwater uncapped show hadn’t shared a bill before performing together at the Masonic Temple there, but seemed equally comfortable in front of a crowd with such … read more »

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Video: Matt & Kim, “Daylight (Live at vitaminwater uncapped)”

As “Daylight” was the finale for Matt & Kim‘s Detroit vitaminwater uncapped set, the opening notes seemed to stretch for miles, lending some well earned gravity to the pair’s impending exit. They’d spent the previous … read more »

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Video: Nas f. Miguel, “Summer On Smash (Live at vitaminwater uncapped)”

Rap super-veteran Nas has a history of working with “of the moment” R&B singers. If this strikes you as news, see 2000′s “You Owe Me” with Ginuwine or 2009′s “Make the World Go Round” with … read more »

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Detroit: vitaminwater uncapped, August 23rd

Update: 8/23//2012: The RSVP for this event is now closed. Only those who have received a confirmation email will be granted access to the event. Detroit rock city, you’re up! The 2012 vitaminwater uncapped concert … read more »

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Video: ZelooperZ, “CartiAIDS”

Detroit 18-year-old ZelooperZ loses it a little bit on “CartiAIDS,” angrily rapping in the woods, “Unforgivable” style. Not sure I follow everything he’s saying—is I ain’t got no woods but yo bitch wish she could … read more »

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Video: BMG & Derek Plaslaiko, “Is Your Mother Home”

“Is Your Mother Home” is a new, gruff gem of Detroit techno with a bassline described on the label’s site “like a child molester saying ‘get in my van.’” The track’s the work of two … read more »

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