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Video: Devendra Banhart, “Foolin’”

This has apparently been on the internet for four days already, but we couldn’t deal with it until just now after the office vaporizer pow-wow.

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Devendra Banhart Attempts To Fool Us Humans With New NSFW Music Video

Where does this video rank among the greatest love stories of our time? Definitely somewhere between Anna Karenina and Twilight, right? The added whipping sounds coming from the lovely gentleman in 10,000 BC roughing up … read more »

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Video: Devendra Banhart, “Baby”

Ok so in this video Devendra and his Frank Zappa mustache travel into someone’s butt with his friends only to discover that GZA is the ruler of the butt as well as all the creatures … read more »

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Devendra Banhart and Fabrizio Moretti Create Extreme Fragrance

The one thing we don’t think of when we look at Devendra Banhart and The Strokes’ Fab Moretti is a pleasant olfactory experience, but that’s just us being hairists, they probably smell like lemon zest … read more »

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Devendra Wears Our Favorite New Jewels

Devendra Banhart models a necklace on page two of the All for the Mountain lookbook, which really has little or nothing to do with why this line of jewelry is utterly awesome. A former wallpaper … read more »

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Live: Devendra Banhart Plays A Secret Show at Webster Hall

Last Friday Devendra Banhart played a secret show at Webster Hall, it was loose and he looked a whole lot like Frank Zappa. Little Joy performed afterward and Banhart got on stage with them too. … read more »

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Haiku Review: Devendra Banhart at Webster Hall

Baby. read more »

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Video: Devendra Banhart, “Baby” (Live at Webster Hall)

D-Banz played a secret show within the Little Joy show on Friday night at Webster Hall in New York and showed off not just a few new songs from his forthcoming album What Will We … read more »

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Weird Indie-Dudes Doing Stuff with GZA Now Only One Collabo Away From Becoming a Fake Trend

And we all know fake trends = best trends. read more »

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Phoenix, “Rome (Neighbours Remix f. Devendra Banhart)” MP3

As much as we obviously love Phoenix, none of the many remixes of the songs off Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix really did them justice. Some were decent and some were terrible, but none accentuated or illuminated … read more »

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