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Dan Bodan

Dan Bodan’s “Soft As Rain” Brings the Love Song Bang up to Date

“So good to be in love!” wrote one commenter on the Soundcloud stream of “Soft As Rain,” the first single from Dan Bodan’s forthcoming album on DFA Records. It’s impossible not to get swept up … read more »

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The Rapture Part Ways

The Rapture have quietly broken up. News of their breakup spread through a press release for the Red Bull Music Academy’s tribute to William Onyeabor, which referred to the dance band’s frontman Luke Jenner as … read more »

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MoMA PS1′s Warm Up 2012 Lineup

Judging from MoMA PS1’s Warm Up lineup, we will once again be spending our summer Saturdays sweaty and stoked in the courtyard of MoMA PS1. This year we’ll be shaded (and the air will be … read more »

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Joe Goddard’s DFA Radiomix

Tracing the swarm of remixes of Joe Goddard and Valentina’s “Gabriel” could keep you busy for a solid half hour. But in case you want to stay in one place (in the web-browsing sense of … read more »

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Stream The Rapture’s Album In the Grace of your Love, Live Chat with the Band About the Record

In the style of their beloved White Out Sessions, DFA will be streaming our FADER #75 cover artists The Rapture’s full album, In the Grace of Your Love starting tonight at 8:30PM, and the band … read more »

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Stream: The Rapture “How Deep Is Your Love?”

For this very special White Out Session, DFA has dimmed the lights and cued the disco ball. And really, what better way to welcome The Rapture back? It’s as if they’re answering the song’s question: … read more »

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Stream: YACHT “Utopia”

The latest release off of YACHT’s forthcoming Shangri-La on DFA should play as the more optimistic version of its opposite, but to be honest, the whole fire and brimstone stone jam is kinda preferable. At … read more »

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The Gospel of Luke: The Rapture’s Lead Singer Shares His Inspiration in a Mix

Yesterday we posted a stellar mix from The Rapture’s Gabriel Andruzzi. Today, we’ve got another from lead singer Luke Jenner, who’s put together an equally epiphanic gospel mix for the band’s Australian label, Modular. According … read more »

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The Rapture’s Gabriel Andruzzi’s DFA Radio Mix #15

Three reasons to be happy: The Rapture announced a new album this week and a return to their old label DFA, and, as a semi-unrelated appetizer, the band’s multi-instrumentalist, Gabriel Andruzzi, released a great mix … read more »

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YACHT, “Dystopia” MP3

Well, it seems that Armegeddon is going to be pretty jamming, or at least if YACHT has anything to do with it. In general, they seem pretty optimistic about the whole fire and brimstone thing, … read more »

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