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Stream: Factory Floor, “Fall Back”

Brutal but rarely unpleasant UK three-piece Factory Floor’s new single “Fall Back” layers grooves akin to slowed-down jackhammers, detuned and digi-fied gongs and more talk-singing (higher, higher, higher, mostly) than they’ve usually employed. The “Fall … read more »

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crystal ark

Video: The Crystal Ark, “We Came To”

Infused with sci-fi emblems and abstract imagery, the Crystal Ark’s latest video for “We Came To,” directed by Viva Ruiz, is a hypnotic, out-of-this-world escapade: synchronized dancers, voguing and trippy visual effects reminiscent of the … read more »

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Video: The Crystal Ark Party Machine (Live at The FADER FORT Presented by Converse)

The FADER FORT Presented by Converse returned to New York this fall, setting up in Brooklyn for four days. Above, watch Gavin Russom’s Crystal Ark Party Machine perform with their amazing squad of glittery dancers.

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Stream: The Crystal Ark, “We Came To (House Mix)”

As experimental as Gavin Russom can get, his Crystal Ark project has seemingly become the place for him to play with long-form electronic music traditions. Building on disco and classic house, “We Came To (House … read more »

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Video: The Rapture, “How Deep is Your Love?”

“How Deep is Your Love,” the piano-laden track from The Rapture’s 2011 album, In the Grace of Your Love, has been given a new visual treatment. While originally debuted with a minimalist clip shot in … read more »

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Stream: Fall on Your Sword’s Another Earth Soundtrack

When you read about Fall on Your Sword, there will be an inevitable mention that Sword member Phil Mossman was also part of LCD Soundsystem at various points in the band’s run. It’s not something … read more »

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Patent Leather Daddy’s Gym Jams Mixtape

Patent Leather Daddy‘s new Gym Jams mixtape, dedicated to and inspired by a couple of Bruce LaBruce hooker flicks from the ’90s, is so many different levels of beautiful trash. Opening with a DFA version … read more »

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Hot Chip

Stream: Shit Robot, “Losing My Patience (Hot Chip Remix)”

Man, Alexis Taylor is everywhere, but we would be too if we had a voice that sounded like fresh honey. Here he is again with his own band, Hot Chip, on a remix that adds … read more »

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Video: LCD Soundsystem Quit Television and Play “I Can Change” On Colbert

James Murphy warned us last summer that This is Happening would likely be his last album with/as LCD Soundsytem and officially began the funeral procession for the project two weekends ago when he announced a … read more »

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Video Premiere: Woolfy, “Looking Glass”

We once saw a wild turkey while listening to this song. Or maybe we summoned a wild turkey, walking in the woods with this pastel song on repeat. That was back in the days of … read more »

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