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In Portland With: Music Fest NW

Music Fest NW is the perfect way to learn Portland. For five nights, bands from the fest’s insane lineup perform in venues spread across town, the city quickly becoming a seamless blend of cabs, lines … read more »

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Live: Portland’s Music Fest Northwest

In a couple key ways, if you’ve been to one music festival, you’ve basically been to most of them. I don’t say that in a disparaging way, more just to point out that at these … read more »

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The Tripwire: On Male Bonding, Versatility and Escaping Lo-Fi Stigmas

Male Bonding has always seemed to me a band that suffered from some unfortunate categorization. Don’t get me wrong. A lot of people have had a lot of very positive things to say about the … read more »

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Watching Witch's New Video For "Mutated" Makes Us Think of the Time We Ate Breakfast with J. Mascis

By “eat with,” we really mean he was sitting at a table a few feet away. But still: it was summer in Chicago and we were all hanging out at O’Hare International’s Macaroni Grill. We … read more »

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Tripwire Video Premiere: Dinosaur Jr.'s "Feel The Pain"

Wait, this isn’t Foo Fighters? jkjk read more »

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A Trip Through Indie Rock Fashion Circa '95

Slacker chic. read more »

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Going Steady: Dinosaur Jr. Shares The Love

Saltiness must make them who they are. read more »

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Goodnight Unknown: New Tunes from Lou Barlow

The man keeps busy. read more »

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The Walkmen Hit the Road with Cass McCombs, Hit Central Park with Dinosaur Jr

Loud guitars and lots of sweating! read more »

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POP Montreal Announces First Headliners, More

Hey you guys, Dinosaur Jr. are sharing a stage with Butthole Surfers. read more »

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