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Hey Remember This Cam’ron Snippet? Now It’s Finally A Full Song

Ca-CAWWWWWW! Dipset Byrd Gang! Cam’ron fans may remember hearing a snippet of this in the olden days of 2005 before anyone had thought about the existence of an iPad or an iPhone and Waka Flocka … read more »

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This Week in The FADER: February 6, 2011 Edition

** Lil Wayne supported fair play and collective joy by giving The Packers “Green and Yellow,” a version of Wiz Khalifa’s Super Bowl anthem to call their own. ** We celebrated the one year anniversary … read more »

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Daily Inspiration: Juelz Santana and Cam’ron, “Dipset Anthem”

Hey did you guys hear that Juelz Santana got arrested and then let out on bail? Probably! A lot of people were talking about it—including us. In fact, the amount of talk was not very … read more »

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The Let Out: Swan Song

We were going to play a comprehensive four-year anthology of the jams that best defined Pete Macia’s FADER/Let Out tenure now that he’s leaving. But he’s lost two computers during his run, so instead we’re … read more »

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Juelz Is Out Of Jail Now

Following a raid of his New Jersey recording studio, a warrant was issued for Juelz Santana‘s arrest last week. He turned himself in at a Bergen county jail Wednesday, where he was charged with possessing … read more »

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Juelz Santana Arrested In Jersey, Cops Followed Him for Ten Months

Two weeks ago, Juelz Santana missed a chance to sit down with Zeke, Jim Jones and Cam’ron and talk about the Dipset reunion with MTV. A couple weeks before that, cops in Bergenfield New Jersey … read more »

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Cam’ron and Vado, “And You Don’t Stop” MP3

Yesterday Cam’ron told Miss Info that he’s going to one-better Kanye (and Timbo and Snoop and Swizz and your neighbor’s brother with the wild twitter) and leak new songs not once but twice weekly, on … read more »

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Cam’ron and Vado, “Sour Life” MP3

In 1997 when Jay-Z was dropping some of the hottest raps people who hadn’t ever heard rap had ever heard and released “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem),” Cam’ron was rapping in a group called Children … read more »

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Sen City Freekey Zekey Hell Rell

Video: Sen City f. Freekey Zekey and Hell Rell, “Avianne”

Matched in post-Killa Season Dipset bizarreness only by that video of Vado eating waffles in a waffle house, comes Sen City, Freekey Zekey and Hell Rell rolling up to a jewelry store and shooting a … read more »

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Download New Dipset Christmas and Dipset Trance Mixtapes, Drink Egg Nog, Hallucinate

There is a lunar eclipse tonight, a full moon, the winter solstice is tomorrow, Saturn is rising, Mercury has been on retrograde and we’re in the middle of a 19 holiday party bender that we … read more »

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