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On The Street: Copenhagen’s Distortion Festival

Copenhagen’s proud son Henrik Vibskov kept his loose-crotched tradition for

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Schlachthofbronx f. Spoek Mathambo & Gnucci Banana, “Ayoba” Live at Distortion Festival

We risked life and limb to flipcam this live footage of Schlachthofbronx‘s explosive South African (via Munich) house single “Ayoba.” We bullied our way to the corner stage at Copyflex Bootyworld. Fifty thousand Danes were … read more »

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On the Street: Copenhagen

These two cuddly twins, spotted last week at the techno party Distortion Festival, scored their ski knit separates at a sample sale for Soulland, the sharp label that embodies Copenhagen’s distinct flavor. As such, the … read more »

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Copenhagen Raves: Julianne at Distortion Festival, End Times

Truncated report from days three and four of Distortion Festival: Almost died!

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Copenhagen Raves: Julianne at Distortion Festival, Day 2

According to “Human Infomail,” the Distortion Festival newsletter, yesterday’s activities in the Nørrebro neighborhood produced a “body count” of nearly 30,000 people, packed in what seemed to be a six block radius. “Body count” is … read more »

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Copenhagen Raves: Julianne at Distortion Festival, Day 1

“We were going to rent camels, but the city was afraid they’d get scared from all the people.” -Distortion Festival organizer Heidi. BATSHIT. CRAZY. That’s the best way to describe the first day of Copenhagen’s … read more »

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