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Premiere: Brodinski, Best of Everything Mixtape MP3

So… French DJ/producer Brodinski was trying to decide what to put on his next mixtape when he had a minor freak-out, realizing he was presently obsessed with too much music to limit his wares. (Brodinski’s … read more »

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Sound Pellegrino Party Time Mega-Post

In our minds, Sound Pellegrino is French slang for “let’s get the party started”: the dudes behind the label are clearly no strangers to good times, and their releases reflect that—exquisitely crafted little soiree nuggets … read more »

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Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team, “Loud Whisper of the Northern Wind” Mix

Let’s say you were up until 6am last night/this morning and right about now your will to live is at Defcon 5. You’ve had gallons of coffee, slapped yourself in the face a bunch and … read more »

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Freeload: Cuizinier, “Quand Tu Maimes”

Remember when Cam’ron used to make music? Remember when you used to wonder what Juelz’s socks looked like? And what face cream Hell Rell preferred? Jim Jones did a guest column in The FADER. Those … read more »

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Weekend Party Freeload: DJ Orgasmic, “Feels Like St. Tropez”

Wow, we were pretty much content to let Kanye and Teddy Pain’s “Good Life” be our breezy summer wedding song (yes, “we” are going to marry “us.”) when Arcade Mode sent us DJ Orgasmic’s remix … read more »

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