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Premiere Stream: Drop the Lime’s FabricLive Radio Mix MP3

The dark vlad of Trouble & Bass has kept himself a little busy in the darkest month. In addition to whipping up an official Fabriclive Mix (out now), which is sort of like the DJ/producer … read more »

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The Let Out: Trouble & Bass Anniversary Edition & NYC Party with Plastician and Bart BMore

Tonight on the Let Out, The FADER’s weekly show on East Village Radio, the studly night demons of Trouble & Bass will descend upon us to unleash their wicked wrath of awesome low-end, celebrating four … read more »

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Premiere: AC Slater f. Drop the Lime, “Calm Down Part 3: A New Beginning” MP3

Did AC Slater fall in love or get a massage or something? “Calm Down Part 3″ is the sound of the bassmaster swimming in the most serene waters of dubstep, a crazily textured pulse of … read more »

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Drop the Lime Has a New Rockabilly Band (Seriously)

You know, maybe it sounds weird, but we’ve always wondered about Drop the Lime‘s hairdo. His signature cute swoop of bangs skews pompadour, and there’s something a little hellion in his goth-leaning look—pointy toes, tight … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 106: More Mavado / Conceptual Kuduro / Exclusive Interview!

Once more into the breach between ethno and techno y’all. One of the biggest tracks from my last blend in this tempo was Nic Sarno’s “Mana Wasa” which is from Enchufada’s Hard Ass Sessions Vol. … read more »

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Video: 77Klash, “Asphalt Jungle”

Is this an old Boot Camp Clik video? 77Klash‘s got all the same ’90s Brooklyn elements for his anvil-heavy new dubstep joint: black hoodie, mean mug, ominous atmosphere, some dudes standing behind him, mood lighting, … read more »

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Video: Drop the Lime, “Sex Sax”

This awesome piece of work depicts exactly how we want our summer in New York to go, and it helps that it’s populated by a bunch of East Coast club staples and dudes we see … read more »

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Premiere: 77Klash, “Shadow of Death” MP3

We’ve seen 77Klash traverse a diverse handful of artistic periods: exploring dubstep and digital dancehall with Dutty Artz and Drop the Lime, acting as neonized MC for Major Lazer and toasting at hyperspeed with his … read more »

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Premiere: Drop the Lime, “Sex Sax (Bart B More RMX)” MP3

Sex Sax. Just say it out loud a few times softly. No doubt Drop the Lime and Bart B More are saying this to themselves over and over in saxophone language. What makes a saxophone … read more »

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Stream: Femme en Fourrure, “Dirty Blonde” EP

The third release on Discobelle Records‘ burgeoning electronic empire, Femme en Fourrure turned in a smoky dance track that transplants the debauched sentiments of Studio 54 into a Paris discotheque circa 2032. Vocalist Bianca sounds … read more »

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